Welcome to Paradise (Germany)



This website is aimed at refugees all over the world who are looking for asylum in Germany for political reasons or economic need. They should give advice on how to safely enter Germany and where to apply for asylum applications in Germany. Germany is the second-largest country in the world. Not without reason, Germany is the first country to go as a country of immigration. The standard of living is exceptionally high.
There is hardly any unemployment. The unemployment rate is currently 5.8%. There are officially nearly 700,000 vacancies. That is to say, it is work for everyone who is looking for work. The annual average gross income for full-time employees was 2016, according to the Federal Statistical Office 44436 €. That is, the monthly average gross income for full-time workers was € 3703. In Germany a legal minimum wage was introduced in 2015. The minimum wage in 2016 was € 8.84 per hour.

This also guarantees a monthly income of 1502 € for every slightly qualified worker, with an average of 170 hours per month. Many citizens even have 2 jobs For professionals this income is much higher. Germany needs foreign specialists to sustain the flourishing economy. If, despite great efforts, it is not possible to carry out a work, it will allow generous social benefits to continue to lead a carefree life and feed the whole family. The federal government issues several million euros annually for the integration of refugees. At the moment, many courses are offered for the learning of German language and further education. In the future, government grants will allow for the absorption of well-paid jobs.




We Germans are a very warm and helpful people. But we are also aware of our past. We have instigated 2 World Wars and the death of 50 million people in these wars. We have worked our past. Today we are doing well and we enjoy prosperity. We are ready to share our wealth with the poor and the persecuted of this world.

In our constitution, we have anchored the equality of every human being. Persecution, hunger, poverty, to everyone who threatens this, safeguard our basic law. Anyone who has to leave his country for reasons of persecution (political, religion, sexual inclination, war or poverty) can apply for asylum in Germany.

Here are some tips on how to get to the EU and later to the promised land, to Germany. A large number of refugees entering the EU use the air route. The refugees obtain travel documents and visas, land at an airport in the EU and stay there.


There are also special refugee routes to Europe.


1. "Central Mediterranean Route"

This route takes you from West Africa to Libya, from there you can take a boat to the Italian island of Lampedusa.

2. "Western Mediterranean Route"

This route will take you to Spain from North Africa.

3. "Balkan route"

This route leads from the Eastern European non-EU countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia to Romania and Hungary.

The route across the Balkans has become more difficult because many Eastern European countries have fences. They want to make it easier for refugees to cross the border to their own country.

4. "Eastern Mediterranean Route"

This route leads from Afghanistan, via Syria, via Turkey, from there to boats with boats to Greece.

5. "South-east Mediterranean route / Calabria route

This route leads from East Africa, via Egypt, to Turkey, from there with boats to Greece and Italy.Many refugees are now trying to cross Turkey, the eastern Mediterranean route and the south-eastern Mediterranean route.

Turkey has already received over 2 million refugees, all of whom want to go to Western Europe, especially Germany. Turkey still holds these refugees on the basis of an agreement with the EU. Actually, according to international law, no one who is innocent can be held against his will. Due to the political situation and tensions with the EU, it is to be expected that this agreement will soon be canceled. The way to Western Europe is then free.

Many volunteers and organizations support the refugees on their journey to the desired countries.




Having arrived on the European mainland, the biggest hurdle to get to Germany is taken. Most of the EU states do not want to accept refugees, but allow their travel to Germany.

Once you arrive in Germany, you will first be accommodated in central reception halls. You will receive welcome gifts and will be provided with the most necessary. At the moment, many new houses are being built to allow every newcomer a pleasant stay. You can then apply for asylum applications in the assigned cities. Many asylum seekers submit several applications. This is not allowed, but is possible without identification. The recognition rate is very high. For Syrian refugees, the recognition rate is almost 99%. Many of them also receive German citizenship.

If the application for asylum was successful, you can make up the whole family and kinship. During the time of asylum processing, you receive a monthly pocket money. It is the highest of all EU countries. The amount of the pocket money depends on whether you are accommodated in a central accommodation, or outside of it. The amount of the monthly pocket money can be up to € 219 for single persons, € 176 for couples and € 176 for any adult person. For accompanying children there may be up to € 200 per child. Accommodation, catering and communication media are free of charge in the accommodation or camp. Each newcomer receives a health card, thus the free medical care and medication are secured. In addition, everyone is entitled to a social security card which is entitled to a more favorable or free use of all means of transport.

German laws apply to all. In the case of offenses of foreigners and asylum seekers, however, grace is often granted before right. Freedom of religion has top priority. The legislator is aware that the new arrivals are still ignorant of the German laws. Crimes committed by children and adolescents up to 14 years of age are impunity. Criminal offense by perpetrators up to 21 years of age is subject to juvenile justice. This is particularly mild, so that the future of the newborn is not destroyed. Asylum seekers who have no identity card or have committed offenses can not be deported. Children and adolescents without parents, are generally given a stay status. The deportation of criminal asylum seekers is very difficult, because the countries of origin refuse to take these citizens back.




Should the application for asylum be rejected again, one must not be disappointed. The federal government is planning compensation for rejected asylum seekers. Should rejected asylum seekers volunteer to return to their home countries, you should receive financial aid. That is, compensation for the incurred costs of fleeing from the home country. Take over the cost of returning home and generous financial money. This is intended to facilitate a new beginning in the old homeland.

In Germany, however, you will get to know the great warmth and helpfulness of the Germans. Enjoy the welcome culture. Many citizens provide their apartments and rooms and introduce them to family life. There are meeting places where refugees and locals get to know each other and celebrate together. For everyday problems, volunteers are available day and night. Also, the job search will help you.

Minorities are protected by law. Any newcomer can freely exercise his political, religious or sexual way of life. Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol and prostitution is legal. The possession of some specific drugs up to 6 grams is taut.




Trust the Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, "Angela Merkel", which has guaranteed every refugee freedom, security and prosperity.

"Mutti", as she is lovingly called in the Volksmund, will still be Chancellor after the next elections, and will be your promise, as in the past. Their party, the CDU, has the designation (Christian, social) in their name. This is especially true of Christian charity and social justice.

Germany is a large and rich country and can still accommodate millions of refugees. Every immigrant is a cultural and economic enrichment for our country and most citizens are happy about the immigration.